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I am proud to be a part of the Prog event of 2012, Celebr8. Ticket are available from the Celebr8 website or the merch desk. Check out the trailer.


ProgDreams 2012


After a hectic day at ROCKITtervoort 2012, we slept in and missed breakfast. Luckily our friend Martin from de Boerderij drove us to Scheveningen, a name which only Dutch people can pronounce, where we had pancakes for brunch. This set us up nicely for a international day of Prog at de Boerderij, recently voted 3rd best UK prog venue in Prog Magazine, beating the Royal Albert Hall. I have to say this is the best venue I have been to. The people are all very friendly and it has become a place to visit in itself, regardless of which bands are playing. Quantum Fantay opened ProgDreams 2012. They are a Belgian instrumental band playing what has been described as liquid space rock, and their interest in space has been confirmed by their bassist Wouter De Geest who tagged Darth Vader in the picture above on my Facebook profile. I first saw QF at Summer's...


ROCKITtervoort 2012


Brass band and prog do not usually mix, but as I found out sometimes they do.


CRS Best of The Year 2011

Best Guitarist: Steve Hackett

This weekend I ventured north to Wath-Upon-Dearne where the CRS was awarding the BOTY awards for 2011. I really enjoyed the event. Besides the awards there were performances from Alan Reed and Arena. More in later posts.


InVertigo Veritas


At Summer's End 2011 I had the pleasure of shooting the German Band InVertigo. They have just released a teaser video for their new album Veritas, featuring some of my shots.    


Konchordat at the Peel


Konchordat had hired me to shoot their first live gig. Since their debut album "The New Crusade" has been on heavy rotation I was really looking forward to this shoot. They are really a great bunch of guys, even though Stuart looks fairly pissed off 🙂 The small white specks on the ground is actually snow, and it would take me 3 hours to get home from this gig. Oh how I suffer for my art.


Tinyfish at Kew Gardens


My first official shoot as featured my good friends Tinyfish. The main purpose of the shoot was to introduce their "new" drummer, Leon Camfield. I was very impressed by Kew Gardens and could have spent hours just walking around taking photos of the amazing landscape and flora. You can see more of the photos I took over at the Tinyfish website.